Our story and mission

Icelands Hardest specializes in providing the most unique and adventurous glacier experiences in Iceland, without a doubt. Both Mike and Ryan have worked in the industry long enough to know that there are guests who want a truly unique and challenging experience; guests who want to step outside the box by climbing beautiful blue ice walls and being lowered into vertical ice caves called moulins.

We provide the smallest group sizes, the most adventurous tours with the most gnarly guides. Every one of tours are different both for the guest and our guide, who will be using his skills to provide the best possible experience in the constantly changing and uncharted terrain on the glacier.

This project is a promise to ourselves to provide guests with the experience we want to have…with no compromises. 

The Team

Michael Reid
Lead Guide & Co-owner

Mike, a 3 time Guinness World Record holder and expedition athlete, has been guiding in the industry for over 5 years and has over 1000 glacier hikes under his belt. He is certified to the highest level for both glacier and alpine trekking guiding in Iceland under the Félag fjallaleiðsögumanna á Íslandi (Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides) and also serves as an instructor to aspirant glacier guides. He can either be found climbing in the deep blue vertical ice caves or planning his next 9-day Vatnajokull Ice Cap crossing.

Ryan Newburn
lead photographer & co-owner

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Ryan moved to Iceland in 2018 to become a glacier guide for another company. Over these years, Ryan would develop his skills as a photographer, constantly shooting the landscapes that he was guiding in. Eventually he noticed that clients would always be happier when he would bring his camera on the tours while subsequently sending them the photos. Realizing the demand for having a photographer as well as a guide on a tour, he founded Ice Pic Journeys to give them just this.

Ladislav Skala
Adventure Photographer

Ladislav is a professional photographer hailing from Czech Republic. He came to Iceland 7 years ago and fell in love with its amazing and fierce landscapes. Ladiv has been able to travel to every corner of Iceland and capture some very unique images. Most recently, images from his many glacier expeditions have been featured by Olympus. 

Florent Irion
Adventure Photographer

For the last 3 years, guide and photographer Florent has been exploring and shooting some of the most remote parts of Iceland. Stepping away from his environmental engineering career, Florent now dedicates his life to adventures and photography. His technical skills allow him to capture all the action happening in the Icelandic Mountains. No doubt he’s the photographer to capture your gnarliest adventures and create unforgettable memories for you.