8 Hours

Meeting Point

Freysnes Gas Station




60,000 ISK per person (2-4 people)

Tour Description

Come experience the truly unique sport of Ice Climbing and work to build a very solid foundation with all the skills necessary to enjoy ice climbing. This tour is geared towards those who want an intensive climbing experience with the goal of fitting in as much climbing as possible during the tour. We will start with the basics of using crampons and ice axes on an easy wall and once you feel confident, we will slowly progress to more challenging walls. We guarantee, that following the day of climbing, you will come way with an experience you will never forget and a skill that you will carry for the rest of your life. 

whats included

  • Fully Certified Glacier and Alpine Trekking Guide
  • Semi-Private / Extremely Small Group (4 persons max)

  • Glacier & Climbing Equipment: helmet, harness, crampons, ice axe and specialized climbing boots. 

what your bring

✓  Sunglasses ✓  Water Bottle✓ Packed Lunch ✓  Winter Clothing- Gloves, Hat, Wind/Rainproof Jacket, and warm layers for freezing conditions.

Action Shots

what are our guests saying?

It was one of my best experiences in a glaciar! I’m from Spain, and usually I do many climbs here. You can enjoy a real tour in a glacier. Not the typical walk around like cows in a farm. I really appreciate people whose live the mountain and share that emotions and take it like yours.

Die Rui

After a short gear check and some introduction for ice axes and crampons we started our personalized glacier expedition! Three and a half hour later i was completely wasted with a huge adrenaline rush in my blood. This journey through the eternal ice was one of my best moment in my life!

Max Wagner

We wandered a full day with Mike on (and inside) a glacier and I had the time of my life. It feels good to spend time with someone who loves and knows everything about those massive ice cubes 😀 Cherry on the cake : I was even able to take some shots from inside a moulin!

Celment C.